How about moving to Detroit?

how about moving to detroit?

So you’re thinking of moving to Detroit. You’ve heard about the low cost of living and growing downtown. Your uncle forwarded an article highlighting the surplus of tech jobs, but lack of talent in the region. The drought on the West Coast has made you realize living near freshwater is a must. You’re sick of…

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Curbed Detroit is full of Praise for 2024 Edison

A new team has arrived! Batton Homes, an innovative developer of premium historic residences in the city of Detroit has renovated their beautiful home in the acclaimed Boston Edison Historic District. Notable for grand architectural details and tasteful renovation, 2024 Edison is the only home to date on the west side of Boston Edison to…

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Batton Group, LLC
269 Walker St. Suite 155
Detroit, Michigan 48207

Batton Homes is helping redefine the landscape of Detroit real estate by restoring historic homes, investing in the community, and elevating the urban lifestyle to an art form.