Curbed Detroit

We started off the year (2016) with a Boston Edison home that had some of the best woodwork we’ve seen. These renovations were absolutely gorgeous, and we can’t wait to see this group do more of them.


Featured as the residential location of our show "Rehab Addict" and as a highlighted development in Curbed Detroit. 2024 Edison has garnered the attention for one of Detroit's most sought-after historic communities. Nothing by praise for beautiful, high quality renovations of Batton Homes

Mariners Inn

Batton Homes has hired the Mariners Inn Social Enterprise Program to perform various duties at their properties – demolition, cleaning, and landscaping.  The Batton staff has provided the men the opportunity and experience to learn new skills and to work with a professional organization that is making a huge impact on the city of Detroit. It has been an honor to work for them and we are looking forward to future opportunities.

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Batton Homes is helping redefine the landscape of Detroit real estate by restoring historic homes, investing in the community, and elevating the urban lifestyle to an art form.